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Plenty of Fish Date Stalks, Blackmails and Assaults South Carolina Woman

A South Carolina man is facing charges after allegedly threatening, robbing, assaulting and blackmailing a woman he met on the dating app Plenty of Fish.

36-year-old Walter Townsend has been charged with second-degree domestic violence and extortion/blackmail. Investigators say Townsend and the victim met on the dating app and dating for about five weeks. During that time, Townsend would stay at the victim’s home occasionally. The victim began to notice things missing around her home. When she confronted him about it, Townsend said he would tell her employer that she used drugs and had pictures to prove it. When she tried to break it off with him, Townsend said he would have the Department of Social Services take her child.

Eventually Townsend said he’d leave peacefully if she gave him $1,000.






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