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Two Florida Men Arrested After Dealing Drugs In Front of a Cop

Two Florida men were arrested Friday after a drug deal occurred in front of a cop. The cop was in an unmarked police vehicle. 31-year-old Eric Velez was recognized by the cop due to previous arrests. The cop saw another man, 28-year-old Alexander Scott Handley, get into Velez’s car, give Velez money, and leave. Upon seeing Velez doing drugs in his car, the cop approached Velez, leading Velez to drive away. The cop was seen by EMS after the incident in response to a sore shoulder. The injury was sustained because Velez drove away as the cop was holding the car door handle. Velez was stopped by a Special Operations Unit shortly after the initial incident and heroin-positive paraphernalia was found at the scene. Handley was arrested by a second SOU unit and charged with possessions of a controlled substance (morphine) and of drug paraphernalia (syringes).



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