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New York Mother Arrested After Her 15-Year-Old Daughter was Caught Speeding

Denise Townsend-Wacker, of Tonawanda, was arrested after her 15-year-old daughter was caught driving 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. Townsend-Wacker, 37, was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The daughter said her mother wasn’t feeling well and asked her to drive her 10-year-old sibling to dance class. A 3-year-old ...

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Arkansas Pastor Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution

Mark Brooke, of Ward, was arrested Wednesday for solicitation of prostitution. Brooke, a pastor and a probation officer, was targeted as part of an undercover investigation after the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office received complaints. According to KTHV, an undercover officer posed as a probationer and was assigned to Brooke. After their initial meeting, Brooke arranged ...

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New Jersey Man Arrested for Selling Steroids

Nicholas D’Angelo, of Moonachie, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly selling steroids. He was arrested at his home, where police found anabolic steroids and syringes. D’Angelo, 41, was charged with possession with the intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance and possession with the intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school. ...

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Florida Man Accused of Threatening Donald Trump Over Facebook

A South Florida man is facing charges after allegedly making threats against President-elect Donald Trump over Facebook. 59-year-old Kevin Krohn was arrested by U.S. Secret Service agents after posting the threats. Court records show Krohn posted a picture of Trump and wrote, “he’s not my President. He’s an enemy of the state.” Krohn also allegedly ...

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Georgia Cop Accused of Posting Nude Photos of Another Cop Online

A Georgia police officer is facing multiple charges after allegedly posting nude photos of another officer online. 24-year-old Andrey Francisquin allegedly threatened the officer with, “you’re going to learn,” before posting the images online. The victim said her friends alerted her that her private images were posted online. She believes they were somehow hacked from ...

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Michigan Man Arrested on 14th Drunk Driving Offense

A Michigan man is behind bars after getting arrested on his fourteenth driving under the influence charge. Officers pulled over 54-year-old Zenon Bialokur after watching him drive through a red light. After speaking to Bialokur, officers knew he was intoxicated. At the time Bialokur’s license was also suspended. Bialokur has had thirteen operating while intoxicated ...

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Second Suspect Arrested in Brutal Death of Oklahoma Teen

A second suspect is behind bars, allegedly connected to the brutal death of an Oklahoma teen. Investigators have charged 23-year-old Cody Thompson with arson. The body of Brennon Davis was discovered last week. Davis’s body was so badly burned he couldn’t immediately be identified. Davis’s body was found near Fort Gibson Lake. 22-year-old Josh Harrington ...

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Kentucky Couple Accused of Forcing Kids to Live in Filthy Home

A Kentucky couple is facing charges after allegedly forcing their children to live in a filthy, deplorable home. Investigators say Jackie and Tiffany Thompson have both been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. Officers responded to their home over a domestic dispute. When officers arrived, they found bugs throughout the home, along with ...

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Texas Woman Behind Bars after Human Trafficking Arrest

A San Antonio woman is facing charges after allegedly kidnapping a teen and selling her into sex slavery. Investigators say Rebecca Alvarez, along with three other suspects, kidnapped the victim and sold her for $4,000. The couple sold her after she would not willingly engage in prostitution. Police say Alvarez also sexually assaulted the victim ...

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Georgia District Attorney Arrested in Prostitution Sting

The Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney is facing charges related to a recent prostitution sting. Police say Christopher Quinn has been charged with pandering and violation of Georgia’s felony racketeering statute. Investigators say a high end escort service was operating in an apartment across the street from a police station. Quinn turned himself in this ...

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