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Colorado Woman Arrested After Unattended Infant Drowns In Her Care

A Colorado woman is facing charges after leaving an 11-month-old girl unattended, resulting in the child’s death. 22-year-old Amanda Miller has been charged with child abuse resulting in death. Miller told investigators that she was a friend of the family and was hired to watch the child. Miller said she started a bath and left ...

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Florida Mom Arrested After Infant Found Dead Inside Her Home

A Florida mother is facing charges after her one-month-old son was found dead inside their home. Investigators say 19-year-old Superiah Campbell and the baby’s father, 21-year-old Cameron Dowden left their son alone for more than six hours, resulting in his death. When first responders arrived at the scene, the baby was pronounced dead. The cause ...

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Man Arrested After Biting Flight Attendant, Jumping Out of a Plane

A man has been arrested after allegedly biting a flight attendant and then jumping out of a plane onto the tarmac at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Tun Lon Sein is now facing federal charges. Sein was traveling from Thailand on an American Airlines flight when the plane landed in Charlotte. Witnesses say Sein got ...

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Man Accused of Shooting and Killing a Georgia Man Inside a Gas Station Will be Extradited

Officers with the Smyrna Police Department will travel to New Jersey to interview the man accused of killing a man inside a Cobb County gas station. Investigators say the shooting happened on May 15. They claim that 36-year-old Joseph Priester shot the victim and then fled the scene. Priester was later arrested in Newark, New Jersey. ...

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Minnesota Man Accused of Beating Two Teens with a Brick and Shovel

A Minnesota man is facing charges after two teenaged victims come forward with horrific allegations. Investigators say 43-year-old Jerome Walker has been charged with two second-degree assault charges. Court documents say the two victims claim that Walker beat them with a shovel and bricks. One of the victims had to be treated for his injuries ...

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Indiana Man Arrested, Accused of Exchanging Drugs for Sex

An Indiana man was arrested over the weekend after allegedly offering drugs in exchange for sex acts with a woman. 70-year-old James Wilson has been preliminarily charged with attempted dealing in a controlled substance, patronizing a prostitute and trespass. Investigators say Wilson offered the woman nine hydrocodone pills and two marijuana cigarettes in exchange for sex. ...

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Indiana Man Arrested After Crashing Into Police Cruiser While Drunk

An Indiana man has been arrested after allegedly driving drunk and crashing into a police cruiser head-on. 44-year-old Darrell Porter was arrested Friday night after the crash. Witnesses saw a man driving erratically and called police. As police were searching for Porter, he crashed head-on into the cruiser.  Porter ran from the scene and was ...

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California Woman Arrested After Driving Drunk, Running Over Pedestrian

A California woman is behind bars after driving under the influence and running over a pedestrian over the weekend. Investigators say 54-year-old Julie Blair hit the victim while driving near the Auburn Elm Town Center parking lot. Blair did not flee the scene after the crash and spoke to officers when they arrived. Arresting officers ...

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Indiana Man Arrested After Attempting to Have Sex with a Teen He Met Online

An Indiana man is facing charges after attempting to have sex with who he thought was a teenager he met online. 19-year-old David Phillips was actually speaking with an undercover police officer with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department. Phillips allegedly sent pictures of his genitals to the girl and told her to bring money for ...

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Florida Woman Caught Stealing $1,000 Worth of Meat from Supermarket

A Florida woman is behind bars after surveillance video shows her stealing $1,000 worth of meat from a supermarket. 38-year-old Janice Wagoner has been charged with three counts of petit theft, grand theft, drug possession without a prescription and violating probation. The thefts happened over the course of several weeks. Wagoner was identified by store ...

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