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Domestic Disturbance Leads to Drug Discovery

A Florida couple’s domestic disturbance led deputies to discover a marijuana grow house inside their home. Officers who responded to the scene found the couple bloodied and bruised. Officers say Mark McKay had been stabbed in the neck by his wife, Judy McKay. Judy was also battered during the incident. She claims Mark was drunk ...

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Florida Woman Arrested for Stealing Neighbor’s Prom Dress

A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing a neighbor’s prom dress and chainsaw from their home. Witnesses saw Skyler Anderson walking to her home with a garbage bag and a rake. A neighbor noticed some of his items sprawled across her yard. When police arrived at Anderson’s home, they could see items her ...

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Chicago Grandmother Fights Off Grim Reaper Rapist

A Chicago woman was able to protect herself from a serial rapist by beating him with a glass beer stein. Angela Ferguson was asleep when Dorval Grice allegedly broke into her home. As he crawled on top of her, he told her not to move. Ferguson reached for the stein from her nightstand. Then, she ...

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