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ARRESTED is the easiest way to find information about arrest records from county jails across America online. Our arrest notification helps you stay up-to-date with details about people who have been arrested. ARRESTED's extensive records and connections mean that you'll always receive the most current information delivered right to your email inbox, or use our convenient search tool for access to the some of most frequently updated records available.

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Like you, ARRESTED believes that the public's right to information is sacred. That's why we've made it our mission to provide you with one of America's largest databases of county jail records, all in one place.

Verifiable Sources

ARRESTED accesses county jail records from trustworthy sources, meaning you'll have access to information that is accurate, frequently updated and comprehensive.

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Finished with needing the email notifications you set up? No problem! ARRESTED offers a free, no hassles opt-out service so you can stop receiving emails about county jail arrests when you no longer want them.