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Priscilla Perez -Polk assistant state attorney fired after second domestic violence charge in 30 days

Priscilla Perez, 29, was accused of slapping her boyfriend across his face twice, scratching his neck, and bending his fingers. Her boyfriend, Jon Wakley, said Wednesday he signed a waiver of prosecution for the domestic violence charge at the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office on Monday. State Attorney Jerry Hill said Perez was suspended without ...

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Priscilla H. Perez Assistant State Attorney for Florida’s 10th Judicial Circuit Booked Twice in 30 Days!

Priscilla H. Perez Assistant State Attorney for Florida’s 10th Judicial Circuit booked on charges of Battery domestic violence and resisting an officer without violence Friday April 22nd.  Statute 784031 a 1st degree misdemeanor and statute 843.02 also a first degree misdemeanor.  This comes exactly 30 days after she was issued a summons on March 24th for  battery domestic violence ...

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Preston Parker: Former NFL wide receiver arrested twice in 30 days

Former NFL wide receiver Preston Parker was arrested Monday night in Boynton Beach, Florida, on charges of marijuana possession and resisting arrest. Police said the 29-year-old was the subject of a traffic stop for illegally tinted windows. He then allegedly threw a bag containing marijuana out the window. This marks the second time Parker ...

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